博思法律事務所榮獲Corporate INTL評選 2015年度數個獎項

博思法律事務所很榮幸,憑藉專業且全方位之法律服務,經Corporate INTL評選並獲得 2015年度下列四個獎項:
Corporate INTL 每年都會由全球各地法律事務所、企業內部律師、公司董事及私人所推薦之11,500家律師事務所中,挑選出在各法律執業領域特別卓越之法律事務所,並授與該律師事務所在特定領域年度最佳事務所之獎項。法律獎項得主之資訊將於2015年初刊登在Corporate INTL雜誌上。
Corporate INTL除將博思法律獲獎之法律獎項刊登於雜誌外,並同時於雜誌上節錄與博思法律事務所謝宏明律師專訪之內容。
Pontis Law, with great honor, is recognized and selected by Corporate INTL of the following four awards in the year of 2015:
‘Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan’
‘Anti-trust and Consumer Protection Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan’
‘Asset management and Offshore Fund Formation Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan’
‘Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Taiwan’
Each year, Corporate INTL presents the award “Firm of the Year” to a law firm chosen from over 11,500 law firms nominated by law firms, in-house counsel teams, corporate directors and private individuals all over the world for its exceptional legal service in specific practice areas. Legal Awards Winner’s publication will be published in Corporate INTL Magazine early 2015.